Reading RSSI from a FrySKY X8R Transmitter with an Arduino

What is RSSI??

Figure 1. Taranis Q X7 Radio Control Transmitter.

What are the Options?

The Transmitter Feedback Approach

Figure 2. Magpie 33 Flight Model Selected.
Figure 3. Assigning Inputs on the Taranis Q X7.
Figure 4. Setting up the RSSI Input (I-RSI).
Figure 5. Telemetry Screen after adding sensors.
Figure 6. Adding the new RSSI mix.
Figure 7. After adding the RSSI and RxBAT mixes.
Figure 8. Streaming SBUS Data to the Nexgen Configurator.
Figure 9. Parsing the serial information from the Arduino in Processing.
Figure 10. Nexgen Configurator with real time visualisation of the SBUS channel information.

The Dedicated Pin Approach

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