Maximising Medium Earnings by Looking at your Statistics

David Such
12 min readJan 11, 2024

We were recently commiserating with another author about how difficult it was to extract meaningful actions from the current crop of Medium story statistics (Figure 1). We have tripled our publication rate, but unfortunately, revenue has not followed suite.

Figure 1. Medium Story Stats

Our analysis had previously consisted of a cursory glance over the story stats and comparing the month on month income. However, if we were going to criticize the analytics provided by Medium, we should at least have a proper look at them.

Using Excel

From the Partner Program earnings page, we manually transcribed four years of monthly revenue and publication frequency data (Figure 2).

Figure 2.

Looking at the trend in Figure 2, we can see that revenue is heading up, but it is difficult to tell why. What we need is an expert in statistics! Before we consult with our expert, let’s determine what we are trying to optimise in our writing.



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