Designing a new Drone — Part 1


Figure 1. The Nexgen Drone Prototype — partially assembled.

Air Frame & Construction

Figure 2. Drone Lower Deck Layout.
Figure 3. Partial Drone Elevation.

Mounting the Motors

Figure 4. Drone Motor Orientation
Figure 5. Quad ESC wired to the motors.
Figure 6. Testing the ESC’s and motor direction.

Flight Controller Firmware

Figure 7. Drone Technology Stack (credit)

Flight Controller Hardware

Figure 8. Flight Controller Connections (bottom of board).
Figure 9. CLRacingF7 Flight Controller connected to BetaFlight Configurator.
Figure 10. Flight Controller/ESC Wiring Harness Details.
Figure 11. Completed Flight Control Harness.
Figure 12. Flight Controller connected to ESC and powered by the battery.
Figure 13. Testing the motors via the Flight Controller using BetaFlight.

Power Distribution

Figure 14. 2S 1300 mAh LiPo Battery
Figure 15. Racerstar BLHeli_S 20A Quad Electronic Speed Control (ESC).
Figure 16. UBLOX Micro M8N GPS Compass Module
Figure 17. GPS Module Connections.

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