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Portenta Pin Mapping

Figure 1. Arduino Portenta H7 Pinout.
Figure 2. MKR Sensor Shield Schematic.
Figure 3. Magpie Drone Portenta Pin Map.

Files to be Changed

Figure 4. Understanding the Portenta MCU Model Number.
//PORTJ — D(AF, TIMx)#define DEF_TIM_AF__PJ6__TCH_TIM8_CH2 D(3, 8)#define DEF_TIM_AF__PJ8__TCH_TIM8_CH1 D(3, 8)#define DEF_TIM_AF__PJ9__TCH_TIM1_CH3 D(1, 1)#define DEF_TIM_AF__PJ10__TCH_TIM8_CH2 D(3, 8)#define DEF_TIM_AF__PJ11__TCH_TIM1_CH2 D(1, 1)
Figure 6. Port J Alternate Functions Table — STM32H747 Data Sheet.
Figure 7. DFU Requests (credit).
Figure 8. Using dfu-util to look for connected devices.
Figure 9. Arduino Portenta VID and PID.
var usbDevices = {filters: [{ ‘vendorId’: 1155, ‘productId’: 57105 },{ ‘vendorId’: 10473, ‘productId’: 393 },{ ‘vendorId’: 9025, ‘productId’: 859 } /* Arduino / H7 */]};Figure 10. Adding the Arduino Portenta VID and PID to BF Configurator.
Figure 11. Location of TP3 (BOOT) on the Portenta H7.
Figure 12. Location of TP3 (bottom view).

Appendix A — File Change Notes

SPI2_SCK_PIN = PI1 (note the pin numbering is incorrect in Figure 1.)SPI2_MISO_PIN = PC2SPI2_MOSI_PIN = PC3SPI2_NSS_PIN = PI0GYRO_1_EXTI_PIN = PK1
I2C3_SCL = PH7I2C3_SDA = PH8
DEF_TIM( TIM5, CH1, PA8, TIM_USE_MOTOR, 0, 0, 0 ), // M1
typedef struct pllConfig_s {uint16_t clockMhz;uint8_t m;uint16_t n;uint8_t p;uint8_t q;uint8_t r;uint32_t vos;} pllConfig_t;               Figure 9. The PLL1 Config Structure.
Figure 10. PLL1 Config — STM32H747 Reference Manual (credit).
// 27MHz for Arduino Portenta H7pllConfig_t pll1ConfigPortentaH7 = {.clockMhz = 27,.m = 4,.n = 27,.p = 2,.q = 8,.r = 5,.vos = PWR_REGULATOR_VOLTAGE_SCALE0};         Figure 11. Portenta H7 PLL1 Configuration.

Appendix B — Futher Details…

Figure 12. Portenta External Oscillators (credit).
Figure 13. Quad SPI Data (credit).
my @ports = (‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’, ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘K’);
Figure 14. Determing if Perl is installed.

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