Creating a Custom AI using GPT Builder and your Data

David Such
7 min readNov 15, 2023

OpenAI have made it possible to create your own chatbot, using their language model and a combination of custom data, special instructions, and combined skills. They are calling these AI “apps” GPTs, and later this month are opening a GPT store where you can sell your custom GPT. What!

Figure 1. OpenAI GPT Store [image credit]

This is very smart. Everyone remembers the gold rush of the early days on the Apple app store and we are forecasting something similar for the GPT store. You need to be a paid subscriber (ChatGPT Plus), in order to submit your custom GPT to the store, which currently costs USD20 per month. This also give you access to the latest language model, GPT 4.

We wrote an earlier article about using ChatGPT to code a browser based trivia game, and we will try something similar with GPT Builder.

Building Oz Trivia

For our first GPT, we are going to do something fairly straight forward, a trivia question game based on facts about Australia.

Figure 2. Explore Option in ChatGPT Navigation Pane

To get started, open up ChatGPT and click on Explore in the navigation pane (Figure 2). GPT Builder (Figure 3) opens up when you select Create a GPT.

Figure 3. GPT Builder — New GPT / Create

There are two approaches to creating a GPT:

  1. Create (Figure 3) — which talks you through the creation process; or
  2. Configure (Figure 4) — where you fill in the blanks.
Figure 4. GPT Builder — New GPT / Configure

You can use a combination of both approaches or just pick a lane. We prefer the Configure option as it less wordy and the options are largely…



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