Configuring an ESC with BLHeli firmware using an Arduino Uno

The Importance of Motor Direction

Figure 1. Required Motor Directions for the Magpie Drone.

ESC Firmware

Figure 2. The RacerStar 20A Quad ESC.

Arduino Pass through Sketch

Figure 3. Determine the Port your Arduino is connected to.

BLHeli Suite

Figure 4. BLHeli Suite Startup Screen.
Figure 5. BLHeli Suite Connected to ESC 1.

Uploading the Arduino Bootloader

Figure 6. BLHeli Suite Make Interface Screen.
Figure 7. Successful Upload Screen.

Hardware Considerations

Figure 8. ESC Power Male XT-60 Plug.
Figure 9. Arduino UNO connected to the ESC motor control pins.
Figure 10. Motor 1 Direction Reversed.

Motor Testing

Figure 11. Nexgen Configurator

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