Building the Magpie DS3 Drone

3D Print the Drone Air Frame

Figure 1. Bottom Deck and Arm Construction.
Figure 2. Bill of Materials (BOM).

Attaching the Quad ESC

Figure 3. Mounting the Quad ESC.

Mounting the Motors

Figure 4. Motor Connection Order and Location.
Figure 5. Motors mounted on propeller guards.

Mounting the Power Distribution Board (PDB) & Flight Controller

Figure 6. Connect ESC power and control cables before mounting the PDB.
Figure 7. PDB in place on the top of the flight stack.
Figure 8. Top Deck secured to bottom Deck.

Mounting the X8R Receiver and Battery

Figure 9. X8R Transceiver in Antenna Mount.
Figure 10. The completed Magpie DS3 drone.

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